Shiu Hon Sang and Bruce Lee

Siu Hon Sang

The Jit Kuen form. is a northern style ensemble taught as a compulsory form in the Chin Woo Association. Y.C.Wong's son, Raymond Wong, learned this form from his godfather Shiu Hon Sang in the 1970s when he was 13 and he was 76. Shiu Hon Sang was a lifelong active member of the Chin Woo Association.

Jit Kuen is good form for teaching young children through lots of kicking and jumping.

Raymond Wong's godfather was active in 1950s Hong Kong black and white kung fu films and knew Bruce Lee, his father and his family personally as they were also in many 1950s Hong Kong films.

​Shiu Hon Sang taught Bruce Lee Jit Kuen and Bung Bo (praying mantis form). Bruce Lee was notorious for not knowing many fixed forms, but it is certain that he practiced these two forms in addition to Wing Chun.

When Bruce Lee was sent by his father to go live in the United States in the late 1950s because he was such a troublemaker (fighter) in Hong Kong, it is assumed that Shiu Hon Sang was invited as as a family friend to accompany the very young Bruce Lee on the month-long boat trip (people traveled mostly by boat in those days) to San Francisco.​

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